Fishing is often referred to as the quintessential past-time.  It is the ultimate in male relaxation.  The phrase often said, “Just you and the line.”  There is no doubt that a fishing trip is a great time to just get away, but when is a fishing trip more than just a fishing trip? The answer: when you bring your son along.  Yes, it may mean less personal fishing time and more time teaching how to tie knots; however it may also mean memories that you and your son will never forget.


One such trip of fathers and sons left a lasting memory in my mind.  The fathers and sons seemed to have great lasting bonds; they had fun with each other and really seemed to enjoy each others company.  As the week went by, it transformed from a fun time in the outdoors into an intense bonding experience.  The group fished during the day and sat around the campfire at night.  Those times around the campfire proved to be powerful in bringing bonds together.

One father explained to me the importance of the trip to him.  He told me how he and his wife had a son early when their marriage was rocky.  He admitted that he made many mistakes raising his first son  that have had long lasting consequences, but he was passionate about not making those mistakes with his younger son.  “That is why we are out here,” he said.  Another father was on the trip not to strengthen his relationship with his son, but instead to create a relationship with his stepson.   His stepson had struggled through relationships with his father and had recently come out of rehab.  Their relationship was fragile, but the energy and passion the stepfather showed to his stepson was moving.  It quickly became clear that he loved his stepson, not because he loved his wife.  He loved his stepson because Christ loved his stepson.


Throughout history, relationships with a father, whether positive or negative, have an instrumental impact on the development of a boy to a man.  Current history tells the fragile story of Barrack Obama’s relationship with his father and ancient history tells us the story of Abraham and Isaac.  Father/son relationships provide a universal truth of our relationship with heavenly father.  Come explore these endless connections with us at Wilderness Expeditions.  We would be honored to have you.