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Wilderness Expeditions, Inc (W.E.) is a Christian based guide and outfitting service headquartered in Salida, Colorado. Since 1989, WE has dedicated itself to unique wilderness adventures and outdoor programs with a spiritual purpose. Wilderness Expeditions is the largest commercial outfitter in the state of Colorado with a US Forest Service outfitters permit. W.E. has served over 60,000 guests over the years. Its excellent performance has earned a positive image and a continued opportunity to offer quality outdoor programs. The well-planned programs challenge and inspire through experiential application and unique growth opportunities. 

The Wilderness Expeditions outdoor programs are designed to challenge participants to discover self-confidence and unity with others, while gaining a new perspective of wilderness surroundings! Teaching of backcountry living type principles enables each person to appreciate the mountains and wildlife they encounter. Benefits of the journey are the value of teamwork, the strength of encouragement, empathy in shared experiences, renewal around the campfire, the freshness of a new morning, and the character to accept a challenge…and overcome it! 



Wilderness Expeditions

7870 U.S. West 50 
Salida, CO 81210

(719) 539-4888





  • Providing service and expertise to best equip your group for high-adventure in Colorado
  • Providing guide and outfitting services with the appropriate permitted use of the National Forest and BLM lands as required by local, state, and federal laws
  • Teaching and educating your group in the preservation and care of the environment
  • Providing a spiritual perspective to your trip
  • Providing your participants with a trip that is customized to your adventure desires


Wilderness Expeditions makes every effort to ensure the safety of each individual. W.E. programs and activities may include a certain element of risk. The Field Guides and Staff are current in First Aid and CPR and understand the unique situations that may arise in the wilderness or on any of the various programs/activities offered. As a result, they are trained in procedures for getting injured or ill people to medical facilities as quickly as possible. Wilderness Expeditions has a thorough safety policy and an excellent safety record. You may read and/or download a copy of the safety policy from our website.  

Insurance and Emergency Medical Situations

Wilderness Expeditions does not carry medical insurance for its participants. Each participant is individually and financially responsible for medical costs. You must complete all medical information on the Registration Form, as this information is critical in the event you would need medical attention. Nearby towns have emergency facilities and the staff is trained in emergency evacuation procedures. In the event you must return to base camp because of injury or illness, another member of your group will be required to accompany and care for that individual until your group returns from its program/activity. Note: The staff will not administer any type of medication, including aspirin, Tums, Tylenol, etc. If you need any over-the-counter medications, you must bring them with you. Be sure to let your staff know which medications you are taking. 

In the event of an emergency at home, friends or family will be able to leave a message by calling the Emergency Contact Number. We will make every effort to pass the message on as soon as possible. Emergency Contact Number: 1-719-651-0906. 

Physical Fitness and Conditioning

One of the biggest challenges you may face is the actual physical activity associated with many of our programs. Wilderness Expeditions often uses the physical challenges found in the Rocky Mountains to encourage spiritual growth. For example, some activities may require carrying a 40-60 pound pack up and down mountain trails at high altitudes. This is why it is necessary for anyone who wants to take full advantage of the experience to be “in shape”. By the nature of many of the activities, some programs may not be for everyone. However, there are many other programs that provide incredible adventure without the same type of physical challenge. W.E. welcomes you to choose the best fit for you from our wide variety of programs. If you have any questions regarding the physical requirements for a particular activity, we strongly encourage you to discuss those with us.

W.E. recommends a conditioning program for the more strenuous activities it offers. This should consist of aerobic exercise that builds up lung capacity (especially important at high altitude), and weight bearing exercises that build up strength and stamina. For example, consider walking or exercising with a weighted backpack to simulate a more genuine experience. 

W.E. suggests getting a medical check-up before starting any physical conditioning program. Don’t try too much too soon. Begin gradually and build up to the desired goals. It is better to develop stamina than speed. Consistency is the key. Get into a routine and stay with it!

Wilderness Expeditions, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and its staff and participants are in no way limited by race, gender, or religious affiliation.

Wilderness Expeditions is one of the largest commercial outfitters in the state of Colorado with use of a U.S. Forest Service Special use permit.