Imagine going for a walk in Suburbia, dogs are barking, noise from the passing ambulance, and the hard pavement beneath your feet. After my recent snowshoe trip with Wilderness Expeditions I was happy to get away from all of that. Snowshoeing is a great way to mix up an average ski trip. After the second or third day your muscles are getting sore and you are ready to relax and slow down the pace.


There are three different day trips to choose from: a beginner, intermediate, and advanced trip. We did the intermediate trip which is also the same path as the beginner. The only difference is that the intermediate trip goes farther.

The location of the trail blew me away. Most of the time when I go on a winter trip I see the mountains as I am driving up to or speeding down the mountain. Rarely do I take the time to slow down and enjoy the beauty of nature. Now of course the main fear snowshoeing is that you will be freezing cold, but if you wear your ski clothes and boots, which I forgot, then you will be plenty warm. The trail in nested in a small valley between two ridges. This is great because it blocks the wind and the only noise you can hear are the voices of the other people in your group.

Seeing nature in this beautiful state is amazing. We sat on some logs and ate lunch and enjoyed each others company. The feeling of the snow packing below your feet is fun and unique experience. To see a blanket of white in the middle of the forest is a unique experience the average Colorado tourist does not get. I would highly recommend booking a snowshoe trip. Get out there and experience it yourself!