We were saddened to read the press release from Wilderness Trek Christian Camp, as you may have been. Because of financial issues, WTCC will not be sending campers in the wilderness. However, we are committed to continuing the legacy of Trek as we have spent our lives helping to build it. In fact, we have upgraded our facilities and have expanded the adventures and activities offered.

What will change for your group in 2012 and beyond?

The only difference for your group will be the way you book. You will book directly with Wilderness Expeditions, Inc. at www.wildernessexpeditions.net.

The following will be the same as they have been in years past:

  • leadership,
  • guides,
  • basecamp facility in Salida,
  • and overall quality of your Treks .

In fact, you will notice a decrease in the price per participant for 2012!

For the past several years, Wilderness Expeditions’ guides have been writing the Trek Journal and working on tee shirts as well. Active involvement in the spiritual theme and direction of these Treks means your group will see the same quality you have come to know over the years with us. Our relationship with the US Forest Service sets us apart from other outfitters, in that we have a Priority Use Permit and have been in good standing with them for over 2 decades. We remain one of the largest outfitters in the State of Colorado.

We have had an amazing summer of Wilderness Treks and ultimate adventure here and we glorify God for all those participating in Treks this summer.

The ongoing legacy of Wilderness Trek Christian Camp.

Wilderness Trek has meant so much to our family! We, Tommy and Kristi Query, have been the contracted backpacking outfitter for Wilderness Trek Christian Camp since 1989. Tommy went on his first Trek in 1980, and has worked with Trek since 1982. Kristi went on her first Trek in 1983, and has been working with Trek since 1989. We met on a Trek, and have developed a family legacy of Treks. We have managed over 350 guides and staff over the last 22 years. As the backpacking outfitter for WTCC, we have felt called by God to manage the Treks of over 20,000 guests. Our family and staff are praying for the WTCC Board and the tough decisions they are making regarding the future of WTCC. We have been honored to work with WTCC in meeting the needs of this outdoor ministry for youth groups all over the country. We appreciate WTCC giving groups their blessing in dealing with us directly.

We have already begun to book weeks for the 2012 summer, so contact us soon to get your group on the calendar. You can read more about us at www.wildernessexpeditions.net.

We are currently booking ski trips through our White Diamond Ski Tours program for this winter and spring, using Monarch Ski and Snowboard Resort. Find more info at www.wildernessexpeditions.net.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. 719-539-4888

We look forward to hearing from you soon,

Tommy, Kristi, Bailey, and Brooklynn Query

719-651-0906 or 719-651-7067