We have brought a group for several years. Great experience for our teens!
— Youth Minister from Amarillo, TX
The Trek was Excellent, A+!
— Adult from Waco, TX
Our guides were a tremendous blessing!!
— Adult from Amarillo, TX

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Review of Your Trip

Please complete the following evaluation as openly and honestly as possible.  Your feedback is invaluable to us as we strive to improve and maintain the excellence of what we offer.


They did everything perfect, they took great care of us, they made sure we were all safe, and they had great personality.
— Youth Pastor
Highlights of trip were summit day, solo time, and guys/girls devo.
— Youth Minister Amarillo, TX
It is tradition for us to come every year because of the religious and physical experience.
— Adult from Hillsboro, TX
After our trip we have become closer to each other and we all have been the closest to God we have ever been.
— Teen from Tennessee
WE trips are a great experience for inner-city young people and adults.
— Adult from Inner City Missions
Our trip brought in some fringe people and helped them feel like they belong.
— Youth Intern from Houston, TX
Program is well staffed and has great spiritual focus!
— Group Coordinator, Dallas, TX
After this trip God opened my eyes and made me realize changes needed to happen.
— Teenager
Treks are a life changing event, where you not only grow physically as a family but spiritually as a child of God. Thank you for this amazing opportunity to enjoy God’s creation.
— Young Adult from Granbury, TX
We chose this program for the adventure, excitement, challenge, beautiful scenery, and getting out of the ordinary into God’s creation.
— Group Leader
We all became so much closer to God. Our faith in him is like a brick wall!
— Teenager from Nashville, TN
Our staff was very good at getting to know our group and directing us spiritually!
— Teenager from Arkansas
We choose this program because our group wanted an experience that would bring us closer together and develop leadership.
— Youth group leader
We loved being outdoors and experiencing the journey together.
— Group Coordinator
Every Devotional was incredible, amazing, and truly genuine. The staff’s attitude was the best which in turn made for an amazing attitude with our group. Singing on the trail, roasting peanuts, building couches… you name it. The entire week was the highlight of our summer!
— Youth Pastor
This was an enjoyable experience. Helping one another to overcome obstacles and reaching goals, sharing burdens, and witnessing God in both nature and people completed it.
— Youth Minister from Big Spring, TX
Overall, a trip that far exceeded our expectations… a tremendous blessing.
— Youth Deacon from Austin, TX
Our trip was harder than we thought and more beautiful than we could have ever imagined! Thank you very much for a great experience!
— Adult from Austin, TX
Our guides led spiritually, evaluated summiting risks well, and made great trail decisions. They were excellent examples for our teens.
— Adult Participant from Fort Worth, TX
Our guides did an outstanding job at leading and being Jesus to our kids. They did a great job of unpacking the theme. I believe our teens have a fuller understanding of the “Church” as God intended it to be. Loved the theme!
— Youth Minister from Fort Worth, TX
Trek is an uplifting, learning, and humbling trip for our students. There is always great spiritual growth.
— Coordinator from Dallas, TX
We have been before, but nothing compares to the escape from distractions and being able to focus on the pure creation of God.
— Adult from Hillsboro, TX
I loved the backpacking trip and it has given me a different point of view on my life, and I will never forget it.
— Teenager from TX
I will never forget the experience I have had with WE. Thank you all for helping me become who I am.
— Teenager from Knoxville, TN
Wilderness Treks are an experience unlike any other planned event for our summer and it is more than just an event, it’s an opportunity to experience God’s love for us through his hard work. We love trek and already have it planned through 2011. Thanks for all you do- never stop climbing.
— Youth Minister from Hillsboro, TX
What an outstanding program!
— Teenager from Maryville, TN
Guides are incredible. I can honestly say I will never be the same and they are such a vital part of that!
— Teenager from Houston, TX
It was difficult but that’s what made us work harder and become closer as a group.I loved it!
— Participant from Granbury, TX
Super fun, great guides, spiritually uplifting—overall very good!
— Participant from Oklahoma
My past experience here has proven that this experience can be and usually is powerful and profound.
— Group Coordinator from TN
We believe in the impact that it has on our students.
— Teacher from College Station, TX
Learned to be the church outside the church building.
— Participant from Huntsville, TX
During our week with Wilderness Expeditions we learned to overcome fear, gain a sense of accomplishment, learned to trust, and gained a new view of God’s creation.
— Adult Leader Tulsa, OK
Our guides kept us safe, gave great devos, showed God through their actions, very sociable and inclusive of the whole group.
— Teen from Arkansas